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In an attempt to provide you with a convenient option for making payments we have set up a paypal account.  This way, you can pay before your therapy session or at the office before you leave your session. 
A typical therapy hour is 50-55 minutes.  30-minute and 80-minute sessions will also be available when it is deemed appropriate and necessary by you and your therapist for an alternative cost. 

We are preferred providers for Premera, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  This includes state and federal plans.  If you have this plan, PLEASE call to find out what your co-pay or co-insurance is.  We will collect this at the time of service, or as decided between you and your therapist.  If you are planning to use insurance, DO NOT use the links below as your insurance claim will be submitted by our billing service; you do not need to pay in advance.  We are considered out-of-network with most other plans, and it is important for you to contact your insurance carrier so you know what your cost will be. Be prepared to ask them the following questions:

How many sessions are covered per benefit year?
We live on an island and True North Counseling & Consultation is the only private practice available, can I get an exception to the out-of-network exclusion?
What is my deductible and does it need to be met before receiving benefits for counseling services?  Has my deductible been met?
How much is covered per session?
Do I need a doctor's referral?

Therapy Sessions
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**A new law called the "No Surprise Act" went into effect starting January 1, 2022. All healthcare providers are required to provide a "Good Faith Estimate" before you receive treatment. Currently, the new law only applies to clients not using insurance for therapy.**